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The personal data administrator is FUTUREANTIQUES ADAM KRZEMIŃSKI, SZYMON MIKOŁAJCZYK SPÓŁKA CYWILNA with its registered office at ul. Gdańsk, pomorskie, Poland, The Company has the following REGON (CRO certificate) number: 220782529 and NIP (VAT) number 9571104192.

  1. The data collected within the Store shall constitute a set of data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 1997 no. 133 Item 883) and shall be reported to the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
  2. The Ordering Party shall give his consent to processing of his personal data by the Vendor.
  3. The collected data are administered by the Vendor, i.e. Filip Ludka Projektowanie.
  4. The data have to be made available for the Vendor in the process of order placement in the Store for the purpose of its proper processing.
  5. The Vendor shall be the sole administrator of the data and information collected on the Website.
  6. Personal data collected by the Vendor shall not be made available to any third parties, unless:
    1. the user gives his consent for such disclosure;
    2. upon the request of an authorised body (police, prosecutor’s office, courts, etc.) – in the case of suspected violation of law by the Ordering Party;
  7. Personal data are protected by the Vendor from being made available to unauthorised persons, as well as from other cases of their disclosure, loss or destruction. Security measures applied in accordance with their intended use are used for protection, within the meaning of the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 concerning Personal Data Processing Documentation and Technical and Organisational Conditions which should be Fulfilled by Devices and Computer Systems Used for the Personal Data Processing (Journal of Laws 2004, No. 100, Item 1024).
  8. The personal data collected by the Vendor shall be used exclusively for the purpose of proper order processing.
  9. Each unit whose data are collected shall have the right to watch and modify their content.
  10. Each unit whose data are collected shall have the right to request cessation of his personal data processing, as well as the removal of such data from the database of the Website.
  11. The Vendor shall not be liable for any damages arising as a result of disclosing the data concerning a unit to any unauthorised parties by such unit.
  12. The Vendor shall not be liable for any damages arising as a result of unlawful disclosure of personal data to any third parties who obtained such data by committing a prohibited act.
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