Jo Hammerborg


A creator with a solid artistic character. As chief designer at the Fog&Mørup lamp factory, he revolutionized its modernist aesthetic and production process and made his mark in the company’s history as an avant-garde designer.

Hammerborg’s passion for goldsmithing and sensibility can be seen in his every design – in the organic form, simplicity of construction, and minimization of functional elements such as pins, connectors, and switches. He worked out the details with surgical precision.

He devoted himself to his passion for design and created over 180 lamp designs. He lost his life devoting himself to his other love – parachuting. He forever went down in the history of design thanks to his innovative approach to lamp design.

Hammerborg’s most important designs are the Orient Lamp, Orient Minor, Saturn series, Tunic, and Hydras I and II.

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