Hans J. Wegner


“If only you could design just one good chair in your life…but you simply cannot.” – Hans Wegner

“Chair guy” Wegner earned this nickname by designing over 500 chairs. Many have become icons of fine art design and are famous worldwide. Original pieces continue to gain in value. Chairs of one of the designs Wegner found their way into the Kennedy-Nixon political debate in the 1960s. In addition, they can be seen in many museums and galleries (including MoMA) and buildings of international organizations  International.

Designer, a carpenter by trade, a perfectionist, and a visionary. Hans Wegner belongs to the group of creators of the golden age of Danish modern design. 

According to him, the process of creation consisted of successive purification and simplification – limiting oneself to the necessary elements of an object and combining them in a beautiful way. He used to say that “a chair has to be pretty from every side.” He also believed that “design should be fun, but fun in a serious way.” He designed a chair-hanger, which pleased the Danish king, so he recommended that it be acquired as soon as possible. He had to wait two years for the designer to work out the details.

Wegner’s most important designs are the Wishbone chair, Round chair, Shell chair, and Peacock Chair.