Futureantiques – Future Meets Past

At Futureantiques we believe in preserving brilliant furniture designs. In a world full of cheaply made fabrications, our mission is to give new life to the original inspirations: those magnificent pieces of functional art from the recent past.

Our goal is both to encourage appreciation of European furniture from the mid-century modern period and, generally, to support sustainability in interior design.

“With the planet’s population on the rise and resources dwindling, it’s imperative that we make the most of what we already have. With furniture, this doesn’t have to be an exercise in austerity—great artists have made pieces in the last century that can be restored and enjoyed into the future.”

—Adam Krzeminski, Futureantiques founder

Welcome to Futureantiques—a curated exhibit of exquisite functional art from the recent past, meticulously restored to vitalize living and work spaces for generations to come.


Our focus is primarily on Scandinavian and Italian mid-century modern treasures. We value the artistry and mastery of Scandinavian craftsmanship, as well as Italian finesse.

Gallery of Functional Art

Most items offered on our website are personally selected by Adam during his extensive travels across Europe. Next, we bring them to our own workshops in Gdansk, Poland, to undergo professional restoration by our skilled craftspeople. We think of our website as a rotating gallery of carefully curated vintage furniture.


We believe furniture that has served its users for sixty years or more can function and delight for many more decades in refreshed form.

Furniture as Investment

Each year we hear from several clients that the pieces they’ve purchased from Futureantiques—in addition to the joy of collecting itself—are generating valuable appreciation as assets. Functional art, as we sell, tends not to depreciate and, in some cases, significantly grows in value. The finest pieces of mid-century modern furniture, much like classic cars, combine both utility and investment value.

Global Network

We sell and ship furniture worldwide, with numerous clients in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and far beyond. (Recently, we are happy to report growing interest in our offerings from the base of our operations, in our very own Poland!)

Upcycling & Zero Waste

Operating in the realm of pre-owned items, we know that every day we contribute to saving some trees and a significant amount of energy. Increasingly, we’re upcycling: crafting furniture from remnants of other pieces or adding missing components. We see it as another promising direction for the evolution of our company and the world of interior design.

We invite vintage design aficionados and those eager to embark on a journey into the influential style of mid-century modern furnishings to reach out and connect with us.

+48 502 320 271
Gdańsk, ul. Budowlanych 21a

Workshop visits available by appointment.