Arne Jacobsen


In one year, Arne Jacobsen could create as many projects as others could complete in a few years. He designed with breadth, from iconic furniture to small objects like cutlery. 

He transferred visions to paper using watercolors, creating hand-painted sketches. In the 1950s, he began experimenting with plaster and clay. It led to designs such as the chair Egg and Ant. Growing up in Copenhagen, he manifested a talent (not understood at the time) that later changed the design world forever. When arranging the interior of his children’s bedroom, he chose the color white as the guiding color. It was extraordinary for minimalism in Denmark at the time, saturated with colors and decorations.

Jacobsen shaped the image of minimalist and functional Danish design. He had a remarkable influence on architects and designers around the world.

Jacobsen’s most important designs include chairs: Ant, Egg, Series 7, and Swan.