Poul Cadovius


King of modular shelving units. 

He initially trained as an upholsterer. He also became interested in design and, in 1945, founded his furniture manufacturing company, Royal System. 

The main idea behind the innovative concept of modular wall shelving was the extensive use of diverse and adaptable space. In the name of functionality, he moved shelving from floors to walls, freeing up additional space. The discovery of modular wall shelving is considered one of the most important successes of Danish modernism. 

In time, Cadovius bought furniture manufacturer France & Sons, whose name he changed to Cado, which is still known today. He continued to produce his shelving system but also designed other furniture. During his career, he earned more than 400 patents.

Poul Cadovius has a rich professional history. As a shipyard owner, he developed building materials, fiberglass components, and the well-known mushroom-shaped bus shelter in Denmark. His Abstracta System shelving system has won numerous awards and has been used by companies worldwide. 

Key projects: the iconic ROYAL SYSTEM shelving system of 1948, SYSTEM ULTRA of 1957, and SYSTEM CADO of 1960, the Royal chair, and rosewood chess tables.