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I travel to many European countries to find the most interesting pieces of furniture, decor, and lighting. Most often I end up in Denmark, where I fell in love with the simplicity and quality of the local mid-century design.

I started furniture renovation in the mid-90s in Poland. I have tried my skills in Europe, and the U.S. Last four years I also started purchasing pieces that appeal to me the most and offer them to the clients. I work with a group of friends and skillful craftsmen. We are able to do the most demanding jobs in woodwork, upholstery and metal renovation. My work is my passion and became my way of living.

Futureantiques has strong bonds with the USA market. I have had a great pleasure to work with Hunt Modern, Santa Fe, NM, and Skalar Modern, Hudson NY. At the end of 2017, we launched our American website: www.futureantiques.us.

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We have now a warehouse in New Jersey. All the customers from the U.S please contact our manager in the U.S for orders and pricing. www.futureantiques.us/contact.

This year we decided to explore Polish market more. Mid 2018 we are opening a showroom in the center Warsaw on Poznańska 3/14.

I will be very pleased to meet you there!


Adam Krzemiński

Owner of Futureantiques.

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