Futureantiques – Where Past Meets Future

“At Futureantiques, we believe in preserving the brilliance of bygone eras rather than creating anew, especially in a world abundant with furniture. Our mission is to restore the splendor of the most magnificent pieces from past epochs.

With the planet’s population on the rise and resources dwindling, it’s imperative that we learn to make the most of what we already have.” – Adam Krzemiński, Owner of Futureantiques

Welcome to Futureantiques – the realm of exquisite relics from the past, meticulously curated to grace the homes and offices of our clients for generations to come.


We believe that furniture that has served its users for 60 years can endure for several more decades in a refreshed form. Our focus lies primarily on mid-century modern treasures from Italian and Scandinavian origins.

Gallery of Functional Art

The majority of items offered on the website are personally selected by Adam during his travels across Europe. Subsequently, they undergo professional restoration in our own workshop. Thus, a rotating gallery of carefully curated vintage furniture is born, corresponding to our sense of aesthetics and quality requirements. We value the artistry and mastery of Scandinavian craftsmanship as well as Italian finesse.

While we sell furniture worldwide, our clientele mainly comprises residents of major global metropolises such as New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo. Recently, we have also witnessed a growing interest in our offerings from Poland.

Furniture as Investment

Each year, numerous items sold by us transform into lucrative investments for their purchasers. They not only retain their value but in some cases, significantly appreciate. The finest pieces of mid-century modern furniture, much like classic cars, combine both investment and utility functions.

Upcycling and Zero Waste

Operating in the realm of pre-owned items, we contribute to saving a few trees and a significant amount of energy every day. What started with a few pieces of furniture has now grown to hundreds, and the pile of remnants and quality components continues to grow. Thus, we’ve learned to creatively repurpose them. This ecological mindset arose organically. Increasingly, we’re crafting furniture from remnants of other pieces or adding missing parts, a process we call upcycling. We see it as another promising direction for the evolution of our company.

We invite vintage design aficionados and those eager to embark on their journey into this style to reach out and connect with us.



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